Day 1: Saturday 14th July 
Arrival, tour of Hooke Park, introduction to project, evening film screening

Day 2: Sunday 15th July 
Tour of Kingcombe Centre, introduction to participant-led design brief, visits to local craft studios, evening lectures by Edmund Fowles & Alice Blogg

Day 3: Monday 16th July 
Start fabrication at Hooke

Day 4: Tuesday 17th July 
Fabrication at Hooke / installation on site at Kingcombe

Day 5: Wednesday 18th July 
Installation on site at Kingcombe

Day 6: Thursday 19th July
Participant-led design project at Hooke

Day 7: Friday 20th July
Fabrication of participant-led design project at Hooke

Day 8: Saturday 21st July 
Completion of project & opening, celebratory Hog Roast and Barn Dance at Kingcombe

Day 9: Sunday 22nd
Tidy up, pub lunch, departure