2017 | Day 8

Written by 陈思佳 (Chensijia – also known as Scarlett!); Scarlett studied architecture at Beijing University of Technology for three years.

It’s a fun and also exhausting day!

Today we prepared for heading to the site in the morning, and then  working more than a half of the day in site, which is beside the river Hooke at the Kingcombe Centre.

In the morning, we prepared sandwiches for lunch at the site, and began to get all the timber frames we prepared already outside the workshop. After that, with Charlie and Steve Master’s help, we loaded them on to a trailer to be taken to the Kingcombe Centre.

We arrived at Kingcombe around 11 o’clock in the morning. Then we started with a small discussion with the tutors to figure out what to do on the site today. As there is only one hour left for lunchwe divided into three groups to start work. My job was painting the protective oil to the wooden beams with two guys.

During the lunch time, we stayed on the grass, and played  bowling to get some relax.

We nearly spent all of our time in the afternoon on moving the heavy timber. It’s quite a hard time for all of us to get all the wood planks from the outside road to the site, as there is no road for the forklift to go inside the site. And it’s a hot day, so everyone sweated a lot.

All in all, it’s a quite happy day with all of us working outside the noisy and dirty factory to the nature. Though exhausted, I felt excited to work at the site. Learned a lot, and enjoyed the fantastic view.

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