2017 | Day 7

Written by Bhawana Solanky; Bhaws is about to start her fourth year at University School of Architecture and Planning (USAP) in Delhi, India.

The day started with a heavy breakfast and a very bright English sun. We then set off to the Kingcombe Centre for a lecture by Edmund Fowles, Alex Thomas and Peter Laidler on the Waterloo City Farm designed by Fielden Fowles Architects, which is based in central London. The presentation was quite interesting and we got an insight on how timber framing works on a much larger scale than our Kingcombe project. After the lecture, we headed back to Hooke Park for a fulfilling lunch.

Post lunch, we headed off to the seaside town of Bridport for a studio visit. The home and studio of artist Sarah Rapson was a refreshing change from our current dwelling in the forest. She was a modernist and her tastes were clearly depicted through her art and the interiors of the house.  Even though the house was a typical Georgian house built in 1795, the interiors were completely modern and devoid of any colour.

After the very fascinating studio visit, we then decided to visit the seaside. The sky was beautifully sunny, the water was sparkling and the wind was salty. It was a lovely day for a beach trip. We also climbed the West Bay cliffs and had the most gorgeous view from the top – overlooking the meadows and the luminescent sea. After a typical seaside meal of Fish and Chips, we finally headed to Hooke with our bellies and our hearts full!

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