2017 | Day 6

Written by Ram Aggarwal; Ram is a 4th year architecture student from Rishikesh, India, who is currently studying at Dehradun Institute of Technolgy University (Uttarakhand).

Fresh air filled my lungs and I felt refreshed and exhilarated.

Well, another great morning in the forest, Like every day we headed for the breakfast. Today we had  Eva Kellenberger and Sam Thorne -Graphic Designers-  to help us with signage design. Saturday has been specifically kept for ‘Signage Designing’ and ‘The Pizza Party’.

One team from us went to the Kingcombe  for having a quick site visit about placement of the signage board. We had an introductory session with Eva as well. Experimentation with the style, size & color of the signage, sample test over CNC machine,  preparation of wooden planks was all going hand on hand – loads of work to do.

7:00 PM it was, dinner time, and now the gang was trying their luck on the pizza, Oven was on fire by then as well. The whole landscape was bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. As the phrase goes “Nothing bring people together like good food”. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying, there was low giggles all around. We had some guests with us as well for the party.

After the pizza session we had a presentation by Eva & Sam about their works – Their work was truly above and beyond.

It was dark by then, trees were glowing in the moonlight. It was so different and pleasing from the mainstream city life. Everyone went to sleep, waiting for an another extraordinary day to come.

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